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The smart phone to a journalist is like an air conditioner in outback Australia, damn essential.


In this video the journalist discusses how he was at a protest and witnessed a newsworthy event. He recorded it, but he had no mobile service. The information would be shared by somebody else on another mobile network. His being there suddenly became completely pointless, all because he didn’t have access to the internet through his mobile phone.

The way information is shared today requires a journalist to be constantly connected or miss an opportunity to share or learn information. Citizen journalists can get information out just as fast as a professional, thanks to smart phones. Although they lack the accuracy and accountability of a journalist.


This video interviews a group of people  in 2007 about the possibilities of reporting with cellphones…

Since this video was published mobile phones have become even more crucial for journalists.

Mobile phones can be used to shoot video, to record audio, to edit and produce news reports, and to distribute information on social media. They are a direct link to developing news stories. Mobiles allow journalists to be constantly gathering information like never before.

Mobile phone journalism is an emerging media, however it is already  impacting the way information is distributed. When you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed at night you can update yourself on developing news stories through your mobile, you can see popular stories through Facebook and get notifications when there is breaking news. A mobile allows a journalist to stay updated at all times and it is an essential tool for modern day journos.



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