How to tell a story in over 140 characters. Blog 3.

With so many different ways to tell news these days, how important it is for a journalist to know the fundamentals of what makes a strong story?

If you want a good story visit …

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Storytelling is a skill mastered by the few. (People with journalism degrees who are employed).

Story telling is how we make sense of the world we live in. Since the beginning of the century the way in which news media is consumed has noticeably changed.

The above clip discusses Neil Postman’s quote ‘we transformed information into a form of garbage and ourselves into garbage collectors’.  Visit Buzzfeed or NineMSN websites and you can fill a dumpster with irrelevant information.

Journalistic stories are structured differently to traditional stories, they don’t necessarily have a beginning middle and end. Articles don’t always tell a story but when they do, they need to get the fundamentals right, otherwise the information can easily be misinterpreted.

Journalists need to be able to sift through the glut of information available, and produce a story lacking bias and using only the relevant parts.



Journalists need to consider their audience when telling a story. How they structure a story will alter the appeal it has on an audience.  It is a journalists role to give an unbiased account as accurately as possible, as the same story will be told through text messages, tweets, and Facebook posts and as information travels along the grapevine or hyperlinks it tends to change.

Article 1.

Article 2.


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