The Muti-platform Media Environment and journalistic ethics (Blog Post 2) ALJ215

Blog Post 2 ALJ215

The multi-platform media environment is coming into its adolescence and still developing a moral and ethical identity. Journalists need to be transparent when producing content online, as another website is only just a click away.

A summary of the MEAA code of ethics states a journalist must be, Honest, Fair, Independent, and respectful of others.

If a journalist does not adhere to these guidelines their work is no longer reliable.

This Ted Talks clip discusses the changing era of information overloaded  journalism…

“We have gone from the trust me era of news, to the show me era of news” exert from above video (paraphrase)

The news media have to adapt to the behaviour of consumers. Journalist’s need to be transparent to be trusted in this information glut technology has created. The consumer now has the power to question and verify the authenticity of information.

meme ception.jpg

Before the internet took over, journalists worked for big corporations and were trusted based on familiarity. The corporations monitored work adding to their credibility. This can be a good thing, however not when upwards of 60% of Australian media outlets are owned by two corporations, thus creating a bias media.

The media has never had the freedom it does today, if a journalist doesn’t act with integrity the content they produce becomes irrelevant, as they have lost all credibility. As Tom Rosenstiel’s discusses, if a journalist wishes to enhance their credibility they need to be completely transparent, they need to show their work and sources or morph into another opinion piece writer who can appear to be completely biased.

This discusses credibility online,

Code of ethics –

Artcile 1.


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