The Successful Graduate? (Blog Post 1) ALJ215

In 1979 songs were written about how video killed the radio star.  Its 2017 now and I’m sure if it rhymed, there would be songs about how the internet is killing print media. The Internet is moving fast, bullet train fast, rocket fast, asteroid travelling at the speed of light fast into the future, and if professional journalism is going to thrive it needs to set up camp on that asteroid and plug in its Wi-Fi router.

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Journalism graduates need to be able to keep up with the demands of the modern media.

They need to be able to write, film, direct, edit and tweet their work.

It is important that graduate journalists have an understanding of the different levels of journalism, from local papers to the national 6 o’clock news. This can be gained by participating in internships and freelance work.



Graduate Journalists are expected to think analytically, they need to question everything, from ‘How far can Tony Abbott swim?’ to ‘Why is the Australian government doing nothing to prevent the bleaching of the great barrier reef?’.

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Tech skills or computer genius’?

Journalists need to be versed in technology, this includes being able to create video and audio content fast, all the while using an array of different devices. Work needs to be completed and distributed quickly, otherwise they risk the public receiving the information from another source.

Tip One: Be able to use social media like an Instagram famous teenager.

Journalists need to have a thorough understanding of how social media functions. They need to know how to effectively distribute information to reach as many readers as possible.

This video discusses the demands modern media puts on journalists –

Article 1.

Article 2.

Article 3.


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