250 word analysis

Sarah Mennie’s article “23 years of bad luck” talks about the issues faced by John Bridges as he battles bowel cancer. Mennie explains the difficulties face by Bridges and how it is affecting the way he lives his life and limiting him in participating in events he is passionate about.


Mennie begins with Bridges back story, explaining his passion for bike riding, going as far as to buy himself 40 bikes which he now struggles to ride as a result of the cancer.


Mennie uses the backstory to demonstrate the sadness felt by Bridges resulting in an emotive retelling of his battles with cancer. The approach Mennie took when discussing his love of bike riding is effective in gaining the attention of the reader. They will want to know whether he will get to continue to pursue his passion that has consumed him since he was young.


Mennie’s emotive story telling ends with Bridges wife explaining he wont have miss out entirely. Through this Mennie give closure to the reader.



Article 2

Richard Guilliatt’s article ‘School of hard knocks for football players’ The Australian (May 2011) addresses the contentious issue of how to treat concussions in sports, focusing his attention on concussion in Australian Rules football and Rugby. He questions how both the player treats a concussion in sport  and the long term and recurrently occurring memory loss in players.


Guilliatt accounts Professor John Watson of Sydney University’s experience with  Berrick Barnes’s (rugby player) sure signs of concussion while on the field even though he had not received any head impacting hits in that particular game.

He explains to the reader the dangers of concussion, and how chances of receiving a concussion in sport are far higher when playing Rugby or AFL. He gives a descriptive example through Berrick Barnes story and Dr. Watson’s account that generate an emotional reaction in the reader.

The interest in Watsons reaction creates an urgent tone, then Guilliatt continues the tone through explaining the dangers of concussion again. He enlightens the reader upon the actions and concerns of the many governing bodies of the various football codes.

He goes on to explain the ongoing issues for athletes who have received various concessions throughout their careers. He explains that there is evidence of brain damage from the concussions and the long lasting impact in player lives.

Guilliatt has used valid sources in his article from neurosurgeons to their patients the football players. This allows for a believable and valid article.

He offers the readers various examples and professional opinions in order to create an informative and somewhat controversial piece.


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